Ocean State Cleantech

High Dusting Services

High Dusting is Imperative When Maintaining a Clean and Healthy Facility

Often overlooked and difficult to tend to, we have the training, tools, and equipment to successfully remove dust from light fixtures, exposed pipe; wiring; and ductwork, fans, vents, decorations, wall-units, and anything else over-head or unreachable.

With an emphasis on indoor air quality, OceanState and Cleantech’s High Dusting service will ensure your facility maintains the cleanest air possible.

Accumulated dust can be a serious health hazard for employees, staff, and visitors who enter your building. It’s imperative to keep a safe and healthy environment for all.

Each client is assigned a dedicated operations manager and on-site supervisor. Our rapid response times and systematic solutions can resolve or eliminate disruptions to your daily operations, ensuring transparent and efficient service for you and your facility occupants.