Ocean State Cleantech

Mobile Commercial Power & Pressure Washing Services

Power and Pressure Washing your Buildings, Walkways, Awnings, and Kitchens Makes for a Spotless Impression

Using a truck-mounted high-pressure system with our clean water tanks or our versatile portable units, we have the power and flexibility to tackle any power washing job, anywhere.

Using the right equipment for the job!

  • Our power washers use heated water and solutions to clean the toughest and hardest surfaces like metals, tile, brick, concrete, marble, and stone. 
  • While our pressure washers use ambient temperature water and solutions to clean softer and more delicate surfaces like vinyl, wood, and some composites.


If you’re not sure what type of cleaning you need, our experienced technicians can advise you on how to get the best results! We focus on getting the results you want without damaging the substrate (the actual material the water hits) or the surrounding environment.

Each client is assigned a dedicated operations manager and on-site supervisor. Our rapid response times and systematic solutions can resolve or eliminate disruptions to your daily operations, ensuring transparent and efficient service for you and your facility occupants.